I’m ari. Because it’s nigh impossible to unify all of your digital identities once you split them up I’m sometimes still going by the handle of “gmmi”, and because my name is unfortunately common in some countries you might also see me use variations like ‘ar-i’ when some else has had the chuzpah to register my username before me.

When I’m not busy wrestling with computers on account of wanting to be able to afford a roof over my head I’m doing the same thing without getting paid. After computers have been wrestled, mostly unsuccessfully, I enjoy reading about conflicts, political extremism and organised crime.

I also like collecting relatively obscure stuff, like ancient hardware that I don’t want to turn on because mother nature itself will come murder me for what I am doing to her because of the power draw, or tabletop miniatures that are long out of print.

This site mostly contains what came of me feeling the urge to write about these aforementioned interests. I genuinely don’t want to violate your privacy. This site does not use any cookies, works without Javascript and logs are (if I am not actively debugging things) written to /dev/null. In addition to these measures it’s also accessible via Tor, as an Onion Service

I read the mail you send to echo "YXJpQGhvdXNpbmdza2xhdmUuYXQK" | base64 -d, and while it suffers from a ton of issues I do support PGP. Please find my public key here.